About Us

About Us

Conversion Capital LLC is a venture capital firm that invests in emerging technology companies in Financial Services and analogous markets. Headquartered in New York City, with partners in San Francisco, Washington D.C., and London, we invest in world class founders who are creating transformational businesses through a paradigm shift in technological innovation.

Conversion Capital Group has founded strategic holdings in Research and Distribution as proprietary sources of intelligence and access, ensuring that our portfolio companies have both a faster route to market and greater insight into shifting market dynamics.

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Nima Ghamsari

Co-Founder, CEO Blend Labs

"Conversion Capital was one of our earliest investors, and believed in us before we launched our product. Christian personally has invested an enormous amount of time helping us define our product-market fit and leverage his network to sign strategic customers. Conversion has been an invaluable investor in the evolution of Blend."

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Matt Burton

Co-Founder, CEO of Orchard

"We selected Conversion Capital as a Seed investor given their experience, network and vision for the MarketPlace lending industry. Christian has been an incredibly dynamic investor and advisor to Orchard as we continue to grow the industry solution."

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Guy Filippelli

Co-Founder, CEO of RedOwl Analytics

"Christian was not only one of our earliest investors, but his early guidance and strategic advice has helped us develop the premier platform servicing Financial Services. He and his firm have been invaluable to RedOwl."

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Matthew Carroll

Co-Founder, CEO Immuta

"Conversion has been an invaluable asset to Immuta. Christian has gone above and beyond our expectations providing advice, sales opportunities and friendship. We could not ask for a better investor. Our growth is directly tied to Conversion bolstering our team and enhancing our ability to succeed in all facets of our company."


The people we invest in are the single most important factor to a company’s success. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and teams, executing on game changing visions and arming them with all the resources they need to succeed. Conversion Capital spends an enormous amount of time as strategic advisors, board members and in certain cases operators, to help those entrepreneurs achieve breakout success. In addition, we leverage a carefully curated, powerful and strategic global network of early adopters. This has proven invaluable in unlocking substantial growth for our investments and helped ensure a path to sector dominance. Our capital is flexible in that it can remain active across the life cycle of a company's various stages of growth.

Investment Philosophy

Conversion Capital believes the largest opportunities in the future of Financial Services and the global economy will come from areas where attention and capital are scarce. We do not invest in mega trends or where large amounts of capital are crowding around incremental opportunities. We leverage proprietary data and research to consistently invest 5-10 years ahead of where the market is going. Our model to unlock the most interesting opportunities is repeatable, scalable and successful. We fundamentally believe the greater conceptual difference from the problem, the more novel the solution.

Conversion Capital has three main investment themes:

  • Transformational companies that create lower cost, more effficient and scalable high volume business models through a paradigm shift in behavior and or technological innovation

  • Incredible technology teams with deep domain experience and vision for their industry

  • Companies where we can affect substantial growth through our expertise and network

Conversion Capital Network

To best help our companies grow and create a more effective route to market, Conversion Capital leverages an unrivaled network in Financial Services, Academia, Military Intelligence, Public Policy and Business Leadership around the world. This gives our portfolio direct access to C-Level executives and decision makers at the world's largest and most influential firms. We believe our access to a proprietary network gives our companies pronounced competitive advantage against their rivals.

If you would like to join a global network of over 500 Institutional Financial Clients and receive access to new emerging financial technology, insights, and data, please contact us here.

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Sector Focus

Conversion Capital focuses on capturing the entire opportunity in the evolution of Financial Services and shifting global narratives. Our Portfolio companies are unlocking critical insights into previously undetectable shifts, focused on Industrial Activity, Logistics, Global Trade, Inflation, Consumer Patterns and Social Sentiment.

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